Forget human time, God’s time is the best











The Sunrise

​River of a tear 

Runs down deep with emotions to bear 

Although you didn’t prepare 

The pain and despair 

But still the reflection gives hope 

A newer future 

Another day, another beautiful picture 

That it’s okay and dope 

To be afraid to be sad to be happy and meditate 

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul 

Know it all

But wait!!! 

Relief, relief from pain

Staring back a cold past

A past full of strife and strain

Torture to her soul

But she can now let go

Of the burden she once held

She stood in her pain 

The sight and refrain

Her heart slain

Never hurt again

And now she would flee 

That she would be free

And that hope she would see

She will move like a goddess 

Full of confidence

There will be no room for pain

For she knows it. 

It’s her sunrise

Letter to My Future Mom

Dear mom, 

Lemme be greatful to God that you allowed me to leave, others the other half of them has been swallowed, died during disposal of condoms or just poured on the sheets and washed away. Mom inside here is so warm, I depend fully on the food you eat. Kindly take care of what you eat, don’t do drugs of any kind or smoke, and don’t take alcohol. I want to be a normal and healthy kid when I come in your world. Don’t dance too much, take it easy for yourself, don’t ride on tuktuk or motorcycle, I hate the vibrating sound, don’t sleep hungry, I’ll starve inside here, don’t work too much, you’ll forget about me and don’t be too lazy you’ll be too weak to push when I’m due. I love you Ma I don’t want the situation of the c session. I want everything to be normal and healthy. If you are craving for anything, ask dad to provide, it’s me who want it. I might force you not to eat some of your favourite dishes but this will not take forever, just a few months. 

I know it’s because of me that you are getting some of the VIP treatment. You won’t queue in bank, at the bus station you are given the most comfortable seats, and you are loved most by your friends, everyone want to buy you fruit juice while in town. You may at times think that while walking around with a big belly is a significant that you had sex, well that’s not the issue, what you portray is the beauty, you loom more chubby, you are admired by those who don’t have kids yet, you portray courage, strength, bravery and love. And that’s why you will get advices from all over on how you are expected to take care of me and you so as to give birth to a beautiful bouncing me. Please please, I know that you already know that you are expecting me, and front he look of things you love surprises, but kindly tell you doctor not to reveal my gender to you two. I want it to be a surprise to you, after you are so exhausted from my weight in you, the labour and the pushing, it will make you more happy to see me, because I’m just what you’ve been dreaming of. My cry will make you’ve just had. And before I forget, give me a nice name that I won’t have to change it or drop it when I’m old enough.

So here I am at home, into your world, I’ll make your life brand new again. You’ll stop thinking of yourself and replace it with me most of the time. That sleep you treasured, you’ll have to forget about it. I’ll make you wake up in the middle of your sweetdreams, maybe I’ll be hungry, in pain or just want someone close because I’m scared if the darkness. But this also will be for a short time. 

Anyway I’ll still love you, even when I chose dad over you, especially if you become paranoid with everything. 

Yours loving

Future baby